About Us

At Advantage Double Reeds we specialize in oboe reeds and oboe reed making materials such as staples, cane, and thread. Due to our specific oboe reed focus we are able to offer a wide selection of beginner, intermediate, and professional oboe reeds. Further we are strive to keep a large inventory of our products in stock which allows for orders go out quickly. The end results is you receiving high quality reeds at great prices with little to no delay.

Advantage Double Reeds is proud to be partners with numerous small-scale reed manufactures who rely on our high quality yet affordable staples, cane, and reed cases

In addition to oboe reeds and supplies we offer bassoonsaxophone, and clarinet reeds.

Advantage Double Reeds strives to have the lowest prices on major oboe and bassoon reed brands such as Emerald Reeds, Chartier Double Reeds, Marlin Lesher Reeds, Singin' Dog Reeds, Rigotti Reeds, Stradella Double Reeds, and Jones Double Reed Company. We are also proud to sell Cooper Wright, Simaril, Rainier, and OC&R Professional reeds for advanced oboists who do not always have time to make their own reeds.

Whether you are a beginner musician, professional musician, or somewhere in between Advantage Double Reeds is the place where you can feel confident that they you are getting quality reeds and supplies at the best prices.


Ben Krabill, Owner/Operator Advantage-USA Reeds and Supplies

Ben Krabill, Owner/Operator of Advantage Double Reeds