Oboe Reeds

Professional and Student Oboe Reeds for Exceptional Performance

At Advantage Double Reeds, we take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality oboe reeds crafted to meet the needs of both professional musicians and students. Our collection features top-tier professional oboe reeds that are meticulously handcrafted and designed to deliver exceptional tone and playability.

Professional Oboe Reeds

For seasoned oboists seeking reeds of the utmost quality, we present the Cooper Wright Professional Oboe Reed, the Wenda Professional Oboe Reed, and the Rainier Oboe Reed. These reeds are the pinnacle of craftsmanship, meticulously constructed by experienced artisans who understand the intricate nuances of oboe playing.

The Cooper Wright Professional Oboe Reed offers a rich and warm tone, allowing musicians to achieve exquisite musical expression. Crafted from select cane and meticulously shaped, this reed is designed to meet the discerning requirements of professional performers.

The Wenda Professional Oboe Reed is known for its exceptional consistency and responsiveness. Handcrafted with precision, it offers a balanced and vibrant sound, empowering oboists to deliver captivating performances across various musical genres.

The Rainier Oboe Reed is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and versatility. With a focus on tonal richness and stability, this reed enables musicians to explore the full expressive potential of their instruments with confidence and precision.

Student Oboe Reeds

We also cater to aspiring oboists and students who are embarking on their musical journey. Our most popular student reed, the Marlin Lesher Oboe Reed, is specifically designed for beginners looking for a quality reed that facilitates their learning process.</p>

The Marlin Lesher Oboe Reed strikes a perfect balance between ease of play and excellent tone production. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it provides a reliable and consistent response, making it an ideal choice for students aiming to develop their skills and technique.

Whether you are a professional musician seeking the finest reeds available or a student taking your first steps in the world of oboe playing, Advantage Double Reeds is your trusted source for premium oboe reeds that guarantee outstanding 

Explore our collection today and unlock the true potential of your oboe.