Thompson Pro Oboe Reed

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The Thompson Pro Oboe Reed is a hand made reed from beginning scrape to the final adjustments. The Thompson Pro has a dark and resonate tone and Emily recommends this reed for intermediate to advance players. Great for high school players looking to further their oboe development.  

Thompson Reeds, LLC  was established in 2017 by Emily Thompson. Thompson holds a Bachelor's in Music Education and a Master's in Oboe Performance. While playing professionally and teaching privately, Thompson has been making hand made reeds for beginners to advanced students since 2012 throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. 

Now located in New Mexico, Thompson Reeds has access to state of the art equipment, allowing the production of large quantities of reeds, but still having the hand-made touch. 

Please note that the Thompson Pro Reed will be out of stock until January of 2019. Feel free to order now to reserve your reeds.